5 Tips to Picking The Perfect Dress for an African Wedding Guest

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August 06, 2023
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5 Tips to Picking The Perfect Dress for an African Wedding Guest

Hello Gorgeous Queens, First off, let me acknowledge you, for you are the essence of beauty, mystery, strength, and divine continuity. It’s your resident fashion savant, Khadeeja saying hello from my little corner of the digital world. I am thrilled once more to be on this fashion voyage with you.

Wherever we find ourselves, whether on the vibrant streets of Lagos, the bustling heart of Johannesburg, or the colorful neighborhoods of Brooklyn or Chicago, you and I know that there is something extraordinarily captivating about an African wedding. The flamboyance, the feast of culture, the riot of colors that is our rich fabrics - oh, what a joyous sight to behold!

If you’re struck by the age-old question: “What am I going to wear?” Do not fret, my beautiful queens. Whether you appreciate the flowing gowns, graced with intricate beadwork and audacious prints, or you are more enchanted by the modern designs with its neat lines and subtle adornments, there’s a silhouette for every fashion-forward guest at the wedding.

Long Dresses or Skirts

Oh, my queens, let’s talk fabrics that kiss the floor. There’s indeed something regally gorgeous about long dresses or skirts, isn’t there? They hold a particular charm that brings in an aura of African womanhood, elegance, and undoubted gracefulness. Indeed, these pieces - longer than the day and deeper than the night - will have you dazzling as a guest at an African wedding.

Traditional African Outfits

If you’re wondering about the dress code and thinking it’s a must to wear traditional outfits to an African wedding, relax. It’s always optional unless it’s stated in the dress code. If you don’t have African-style clothes in your wardrobe, it’s okay. You can still show up looking fabulous. But hey, if you love trying new things, you might find something unique in our collection. Dresses with African prints are the life of the party at these events.

Let’s talk a little bit about the dress code, my beauties. It’s crucial to read the wedding invitation carefully because the couple might want you to come dressed in formal clothes like a sophisticated suit or a chic dress. Some weddings might even be a bit more relaxed. But whatever the dress code, remember the magic is in the details. Yes, I’m talking about accessories! Traditional African pieces such as headwraps, bangles, and earrings add that special sparkle to your outfit, making you look absolutely stunning. These accessories do more than complement your look, they tell a story of heritage, pride, and beauty. They’re the much-needed icing on your gorgeous fashion cake.

Doeks, Geles or Head ties

Queens these aren’t just optional, they’re beautiful symbols of our heritage, and they add that extra touch of grace to our clothes, much like how the royal british have their hats. These headgears, in all their glamorous varied styles, bestow a special kind of elegance on every queen who adorns her outfit with them. A little twist here, a little turn there, and voila! You stand out effortlessly, exuding confidence, poise, and a deep sense of cultural pride. Never underestimate the power these African-style crowns hold, for they command attention and leaves a trail of admiration wherever they’re spotted.


Queens, we both know jewelry lights up any event. Even so, it’s crucial not to go overboard with it. Too much can take away from your stunning look, rather than add to it.

If you’re planning to add a colorful beads to your look, maybe a beaded cape? Remember, the key is balance. Choose an outfit that complements your jewelry instead of clashing with it. Our goal is a distinctive fashion harmony that showcases the masterpiece you truly are.

And, of course, don’t forget it’s the bride’s special day. We’re not trying to steal the show (wink)! It’s a delicate balance, being fabulous without outshining the bride, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we got this!

Going with a Plus One?

Colton Ankara 2 Piece Men Shirt And Trouser

And to our splendid men, don’t you worry - I haven’t forgotten about you. Opt for traditionally made shirts and trousers, displaying your masculinity and cultural pride. Attire that brings out our respect for our roots and paints a vivid picture of our deeply-rooted African heritage.

Can I wear black?

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Black is a color usually avoided in Traditional African Weddings. Lighter colors like blue, green, brown, cream, pink are more like it. Though lately black has been coming up as a great color in the bride and groom outfits.

For catered or event weddings, the bride and groom usually have their wedding colors and inform their family and friends about the dress code. Sometimes a particular fabric is bought by a particular group of people who then get tailors to make different custom styles for them. This is called “Asoebi”.

Remember, it’s essential to show respect for our customs and traditions. Therefore, steer clear of short dresses, skirts, or heaven-forbid shorts. This is a colorful celebration of love, a feast of our traditions, and it’s only appropriate that we pay respect by parading our most beautiful long outfits.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to show your support for the couple on their special day and have fun celebrating with them. So go ahead and rock that African-inspired outfit – just make sure it’s appropriate and respectful of the culture and traditions of the host country.

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Long Dresses or Skirts
Traditional African Outfits
Doeks, Geles or Head ties
Going with a Plus One?
Can I wear black?

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